As an ADHD parent, nobody wants to wake up and give countless reminders. Our morning visual routine is designed to take the pressure off of you, so your ADHD child can be more independent (and maybe you will have a minute to drink your coffee while it’s hot!).  

Bonus! We have also included 2 extra visuals to help your child organize their things and remember what to bring with them in the morning!

What's included

Bundle All 3 Routines + Affirmation Cards

01. Delivered via email, instantly download visual morning, afternoon, and evening routines.

02. Delivered via email, instantly download these affirmation cards and lunch love notes.

03. Bonus visuals, conversation starters, and feelings check-ins.

04. Instructions and ideas for troubleshooting.

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Morning routine

After School routine

When our kids come home from school, they are ready to relax... but the truth is, there are usually a few important things we need them to do first! This after school visual routine can eliminate after school battles and build your ADHD child's independence!

As an added bonus, we also included two extra visuals to help your child through those extra-challenging parts of the after school hours, including homework and unpacking their backpacks.

Bedtime routine

Bedtimes can be challenging, especially for kids with ADHD! Visuals can help make the transition smoother so you can get your evenings back. These visual routines are designed to be customizable to your family’s unique needs and routines.

As an added bonus, we have also included feelings check-in pictures and a list of conversation starters to help you have meaningful bedtime conversations with your child. 

Print out the affirmation cards, cut them apart, and help your child choose the affirmations that resonate for them. This is personal, so they should only chose the ones that “feel right”! From there, the possibilities are endless! You can tape the card to the bathroom mirror, or their bedside table so they see it when they wake. You can attach one to their backpack, or slip a few on a key ring so they have them to look through.

Print out the lunch love notes, cut them apart, and drop a card in your child’s lunchbox or school folder. For even more fun, leave the notes in little places your child may look eventually, like their sock drawer or baseball bag. It’s just a little reminder that you’re thinking of them.

Affirmation Cards

Lunch Love Notes

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