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Most of the time, you have a sweet, happy child with ADHD. But when you tell them "no"… cue the hour-long meltdown! It is exhausting to feel like you are walking on egg shells ALL...THE...TIME.

On top of that, you are giving your child one million reminders to do simple tasks... things like taking a shower, getting dressed, and doing homework. And the more you remind, the more frustrated they become!

At school,  your child is receiving poor grades and discipline referrals, and you are getting constant calls from the teacher about behavior problems. No one seems to know what to do or how to help.

Are You Ready to Go From Surviving to Thriving?

Parenting your Child with ADHD
doesn't have to be this harD.

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We offer online courses to help you raise a
happy and independent child with ADHD

Our video-based courses will teach you simple, step-by-step strategies to help you find joy and confidence in parenting your child with ADHD. 

Learn simple tools to help your child with Adhd thrive At Home and School

Shining at School

Creating Calm

“I only wish I had found this course years ago - it is worth more than gold.” - Kelsey

What people are saying!

 "I purchased the bundle and started the Shining at School course as I was lost and struggling to understand the IEP and re-evaluation process. I am now knowledgeable about the process and know how to advocate for my son. The Creating Calm course was amazing as well and provided so many tips on how to manage my ADHD child at home. I have been implementing all the strategies and see a huge difference already. Once again, thank you ladies for sharing your knowledge and putting these courses together. You are so appreciated.”  - Anita

We are Lori, Katie, & Mallory.

We are two child psychologists and a speech language pathologist. But most importantly, we are mamas, just like you.

We created The Childhood Collective to bring you simple, science-backed strategies to help you and your child with ADHD thrive at home and school!

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Enjoy time with your family as your child with ADHD thrives!



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Can you imagine having tools to help your child listen, manage those frequent meltdowns, and connect with your child?

Learn 6 keys for raising a happy and independent child with ADHD.

Learn 6 Keys to Raising a Happy and Independent
Child with ADHD

Can you imagine having tools to help your child listen, manage frequent meltdowns, and connect with your child?