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Is Your ADHD Child Defiant? 4 Possible Reasons Why!

Whenever a parent tells me that their child is defiant, I always try to dig a little deeper to find out why?

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To be honest, my anxiety has been around for most of my life, but it all came painfully to the surface.

My Own Journey With Social Anxiety (Part 1)


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Anxiety is the emotion we feel when we are faced with PERCEIVED danger.

5 Secret Ingredients to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety


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To learn that their fears don’t come true, your child must put themselves in the feared situation.

The Most Important Strategy to Minimize Your Child’s Anxiety


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kids with anxiety

Each time we avoid, we are saying to anxiety, “I believe you.” This makes it grow bigger.

Help Your Child Take Control of Worry Thoughts


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Can you imagine having tools to help your child listen, manage those frequent meltdowns, and connect with your child?

Learn 6 keys for raising a happy and independent child with ADHD

Better than Free Ice Cream!