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As busy moms and child professionals, we are on a mission to support ADHD parents on this beautiful, challenging, and chaotic parenting journey. If you are looking for honest ADHD parenting stories, a healthy dose of empathy with a side of humor, and relatable practical tools, you are in the right place! Let’s help your family shine with ADHD. 

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the shining with ADHD podcast


Each week, we share inspiration and tips to help you tackle challenging behaviors, build executive functioning skills, manage big emotions, and create more calm in your home.

How to Calm the Chaos at Home

How to Help your Child at School

Learn from the experts as you navigate getting the right supports for your child at school. Learn about accommodations and interventions that will help your child shine at school!

How to Cope with Parenting ADHD

We interview relatable ADHD parents who truly understand your journey and share their favorite tips to empower you. Get inspired to raise a happy and independent child with ADHD!

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“This episode was amazing. As someone who has ADHD, and a son with ADHD, I can't wait to hear more. I loved the quick and easy tips. I didn't realize that problem solving was a part of executive functioning, so we are putting to work that tip TODAY!"

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For so many families, the process of getting an evaluation and receiving a diagnosis of ADHD can feel like the roller coaster of a lifetime. We know, because we walk this path with families on a daily basis. We want to empower you to help your child thrive!

But the truth is, your journey has only just begun.

We created The Childhood Collective to
provide simple, science-backed strategies to help you find joy and confidence in parenting your child with ADHD. 

We are Lori, Katie, & Mallory.

We are two child psychologists and a speech language pathologist. But most importantly, we are mamas, just like you.

We created The Childhood Collective to bring you simple, science-backed strategies to help you and your child with ADHD thrive at home and school!

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