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Is Your ADHD Child Defiant? 4 Possible Reasons Why!

Whenever a parent tells me that their child is defiant, I always try to dig a little deeper to find out why?

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This simple tweak can make a big difference in helping your child be successful with homework.

Tools for Setting up a Homework Space for Kids with ADHD


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Join us as we “bust” the myths that get in the way of supporting the kids who need it the most.

#102: School Accommodations: Mythbusters


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Executive functioning is something that school-age kids need to use all day!

Executive Functions At School

Executive Function

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ADHD and Homework

Having a space is the first step to success for children with ADHD and homework. 

ADHD and Homework: Set Up Your Space


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Parents are a child’s safe place…THAT’S why we see the release of the built-up stress from school!

Surviving The After School Slump


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The first few weeks of school can be a tough transition. Check out three tips to make it smoother.

3 Back-to-School Strategies for Children with ADHD


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Early speech sounds are important for phonological skills, which support reading.

Speech Sound Disorders: 5 Things to Know

Speech and Language

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Sometimes, the school year doesn’t start off on the right foot. There are a few things you can do to help!

7 Ways to Support Your Child Going Back to School


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Understanding IEPs and 504 Plans is a great place to start in your advocacy journey.

IEPs and 504 Plans… Oh My!


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Can you imagine having tools to help your child listen, manage those frequent meltdowns, and connect with your child?

Learn 6 keys for raising a happy and independent child with ADHD

Better than Free Ice Cream!