2022 Holiday Gift Guide for ADHD Families

November 9, 2022

Holiday gift guide for children with ADHD (and their mamas!)

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It’s hard to believe the holidays are coming up fast! If you are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of shopping for your child with ADHD, we have got you covered. Check out this 2022 holiday gift guide, with our favorite gifts that support ADHD brains and are SO much fun!

And bonus – we put together a list of some of our favorite gifts for mamas, too… because we all could use a little pampering this holiday season.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids with ADHD


  1. Calm Strips – We LOVE these for both kids and parents with ADHD! These are handy little strips that your child can easily put under their desk or on a notebook to allow them to fidget in a non-distracting way. The repetition of feeling these calm strips can provide your child (or you!) with a little calm and regulation during your day.
  2. Gymnastics kip bar – Katie’s and Lori’s kids are obsessed with this bar. Without it, they would never survive indoor play during the hot Arizona summers!
  3. Breathing Ball – No holiday gift guide for ADHD kids would be complete without fidgets. We know, we know…your kids probably have a million fidgets at home. But we love this one in particular because you can teach your child to hold it in front of their belly and take deep breaths while expanding the ball. When they exhale, they can contract the sphere. It doubles as a fidget and a relaxation tool… Mal’s boys love this one!
  4. Time Timer watch (get 5% off with code: TCC) – We love all of the tools from Time Timer, but this new watch has become a fast favorite for our kids! We love this because it builds independence, especially at school. And of course, we love the Time Timer Mod, and we all use it many times throughout the day with our kids at home. The dreamsicle color is so cute too!
  5. Noise cancelling headphones – So many of our kids with ADHD get distracted (and overwhelmed!) by all the little noises in their environment. These headphones are great for both home and school to limit distractions and help your child focus. And they look cool on top of it!
  6. Zenimal (get 5% off with code: TCC) – All of us use the Zenimal in our own homes to help our kids fall asleep at night. These guided meditations are perfect for quieting busy and overly anxious brains and they have beautiful messages (each one ends with, “You’re a good kid.”). BONUS: there is no screen involved, so they can use it on their own at night. They also make an adult version for parents that is equally amazing!  And check out the Pocket Mouse collection too. Lori’s daughter prefers to listen to stories at bedtime, and these are so cute!
  7. Hoot Owl Hoot – This game is perfect for kids who tend to get overly competitive in games! Everyone works together on a team, giving a wonderful opportunity to practice teamwork and flexibility.
  8. Marble tower – Kids with ADHD are so creative and come up with the most amazing ways to build fun and unique towers. And watching those balls roll down provides so much excitement. This toy gives your child an amazing outlet for their energy and creativity. It also builds executive functioning skills. This is another favorite in Mal’s house!
  9. Magnatiles – Magnatiles are one of the best gifts for any kid, and especially for kids with ADHD. Again, it gives them the opportunity to build, design, and show off their creativity. And it can keep their busy hands occupied for a while while you get ALLLLL the household chores done!
  10. Sensory sock – When we polled our audience on instagram for sensory ideas to help busy bodies, this one was the top recommendation (from parents and occupational therapists alike!)

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

  1. Online ADHD Parenting Courses – We now offer TWO amazing ADHD parenting courses, Creating Calm (for strategies at home) and Shining at School (for strategies at school). This gift will support you all year long! And if you would like to gift our courses to someone else, email us at for a gift card.
  2. Noise cancelling earbuds – If you are a parent with ADHD, you also know that noises can cause a lot of distractibility and sensory overwhelm! These earbuds are amazing for blocking out noise and aren’t too noticeable if you need to use them at work.
  3. Biossance face oil – This is Lori’s favorite face product that has made a huge difference in her skin! It makes a great gift for yourself or others and smells absolutely amazing. Lori swears combining this inexpensive glycolic acid at night with this face oil has resulted in the most glowing skin she has ever had…at age 40!
  4. Flecks of Golf Journal (Get 10% off with code TCC)! – this is a beautiful journal that was created by another mama. It only takes a few minutes to write down one thing that happened each day, and by the end of the year, you have hundreds of sweet memories. This journal lasts for three years, and we have all been using it for a few years now!
  5. Vuori Joggers – Whenever we have a meeting, you can bet that at least two of us will show up wearing a pair of these! They are cozy and cute, definitely one of our favorite items of clothing. And they make a great gift for friends!
  6. Cozy socks – Yes, we live in the sunny desert, but it still gets really cold here at night in the winter. We LOVE these cozy socks!
  7. Dishwasher clean/dirty sign – When we asked our instagram audience for help with the clean/dirty dishwasher dilemma, this was the top recommendation! If you find you can NEVER remember if you already washed your dishes, this is a game changer!
  8. Lulu dupe – Who doesn’t love a good Lulu dupe? This one is Lori’s current favorite and it is soooo warm and cozy!
  9. Cute backpack – This backpack is super cute and such a steal! When you are juggling all the snacks and water bottles, a backpack is a MUST.
  10. Drawer organizer – Mal loves this drawer organizer to keep things simple in the kitchen. No more random shaped boxes of baggies! Even parents with ADHD can look and feel organized with this amazing drawer organizer.

Happy shopping, friends! Have a beautiful holiday season.

Lori, Katie, and Mallory

We put this list together just for fun. There are affiliate links in this post, which means that we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

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  1. Jen says:

    Thank you for this list! I’ve added many to my cart already!

  2. Deeba says:

    This is awesome!! Thanks for the kids AND parents toy list. Already added a bunch of items. I love how short and to the point this is. Thank you! Deeba from Brooklyn, NY

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