Best Products for Kids with ADHD

August 17, 2023

Quality items that will help grow your child’s executive function + independence, while keeping it fun!

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The Best Products for Kids with ADHD

When you are raising a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), shopping can be so overwhelming! How do you purchase quality items that will help grow your child’s executive function + independence, while keeping it fun?

We hear you. We get questions (almost daily) about which products are worth the investment.

To help, we have pulled together some of the BEST products for kids with ADHD so you don’t have to search anymore! Whether you are looking for sensory and teaching tools, fun activities, or executive function games, we have got you covered.

Sensory and Teaching Tools

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1. Calming Strips: We LOVE these for kids and parents with ADHD. These are handy little strips that your child can quickly stick under their desk or on a notebook to allow them to fidget in a non-distracting way. The repetition of feeling these calming strips can give your child (or you!) a bit of calm and regulation during the day.


2. Zenimal (Get 5% off with code: TCC): We all use Zenimals to help our kids fall asleep at night. These guided meditations are perfect for quieting busy and overly anxious brains and have beautiful messages (each one ends with, “You’re a good kid.”). BONUS: no screen is involved so that they can use it alone at night. They also make an adult version for parents, which is equally impressive! And check out the Pocket Mouse collection too. Lori’s daughter prefers to listen to bedtime stories, which are so cute.


3. Breathing Ball: We know, we know…your kids probably have a million fidgets at home. But we love this one because you can teach your child to hold it before their belly and take deep breaths while expanding the ball. When they exhale, they can contract the sphere. It doubles as a fidget and a relaxation tool… Mal’s boys love this one!


4. Time Timer: (get 5% off with code: TCC) We love all of the tools from Time Timer, but we all own multiples of the Time Timer Mod and use them throughout the day with our own kids at home. Because this disappearing clock is small, kids can set it themselves for an extra dose of independence. The creamsicle color is so cute too.


5. Sensory Sock: When we polled our audience on Instagram for sensory ideas to help busy bodies, this was the top recommendation (from parents and occupational therapists alike!) Both Katie and Mal’s boys love these for calming their busy bodies after a long day.


6. A Little Spot of Emotion 8 Book Box Set: This book series is a wonderful way to talk with your child about emotions. With fun illustrations, this set is a great conversation starter about emotions, including anger, anxiety, and happiness.


7. Noise-cancelling headphones: Many of our kids with ADHD get distracted (and overwhelmed!) by all the little noises in their environment. These headphones are fabulous for both home and school to limit distractions and help your child focus. And on top of that, they have cute designs your child will love.


8. Sensory Swing: This is a fantastic tool for when our kids need extra movement but the weather keeps them indoors! These swings hold up well against wear and tear, and come in a variety of colors.

Games, Toys, and Activities


9. Warmies: These adorable weighted stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes! Filled with flax seed and French lavender, they offer a calming experience somewhat similar to that which you’d get from a weighted blanket. They can also be heated in the microwave for an extra dose of warm comfort. These are a helpful tool for children with ADHD as well as anxiety.

10. Hoot Owl Hoot: This top-rated game is perfect for kids who tend to get overly competitive in games! Everyone works together on a team, giving an excellent opportunity to practice teamwork and flexibility. Designed for children ages 4-12.

11. Goblet Gobblers: This is another fun game for kids who are working on their executive function skills! Imagine a 3-dimensional, wooden tic-tac-toe game that allows you to “gobble” up another player’s piece, so that the board is constantly changing. This game is best for children ages 5+ and is a great way to help kids make a plan and then shift their plan around as the game progresses. It’s also a great way to practice the social interaction of winning (and losing). This is a favorite at Katie’s house, recommended by our occupational therapist.

12. Gymnastics kip bar: Katie’s and Lori’s kids are obsessed with this bar. It’s one of our favorite products we love for ADHD. Without it, they would never survive indoor play during the hot Arizona summers. This is a great activity for kids who seek constant movement. 

13. Gymnastics mat: If you are investing in a gymnastics kip bar, you will definitely want a gymnastics mat to go under it. This mat has been a favorite at Katie’s house for years. It is easy to clean and durable, with several color options to choose from. Because it is lightweight, the kids can take it indoors or outdoors depending on where they are doing gymnastics!

14. Marble tower: Kids with ADHD are creative and develop remarkable ways to build fun and unique towers. And watching those balls roll down provides so much excitement. This toy gives your child a fantastic outlet for their energy and creativity. It also builds executive functioning skills. This is another favorite in Mal’s house.

15. Magnatiles: Magnatiles are one of the best gifts for any kid, especially those with ADHD. These flexible, magnetic building blocks are great for helping kids build, design, and show off their creativity. They are a great toy for those moments when you want your child to play independently. (And for more tips about independent play, check out this podcast episode).

If you are looking for our favorite ADHD books, you can find those here.

Do you have other products that you love and recommend for children with ADHD? Let us know in the comments!

Have a beautiful week,

Lori, Katie, and Mallory

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