8 Reasons Why I Love the Zenimal for Kids with ADHD and Anxiety

October 25, 2023

One of our FAVORITE tools for supporting kids with ADHD and Anxiety!

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8 Reasons Why I Love the Zenimal for Kids with ADHD and Anxiety

Note: The Childhood Collective is a Zenimal Affiliate. While we believe in the product and use it in our homes, please note we earn a commission from qualifying purchases. If you’d like to get your own Zenimal, use the code TCC for 5% off.


My daughter has experienced anxiety at bedtime on and off for many years. When the distractions of her day were gone, the worry thoughts about school, friendships, or family issues would start and keep her from finding rest. After struggling with lots of nighttime anxiety with my daughter, I reached out to some fellow therapists for recommendations on meditations for kids. A therapist responded that the Zenimal had been a game changer for her daughter’s sleep (and her daughter had anxiety and ADHD). I immediately purchased the Zenimal and can confidently say it has been an amazing tool to help my daughter cope with anxiety and rest better at night. We were able to see her fall asleep an hour (and, on some nights, 2 hours!) sooner. 


Katie and Mallory have also bought the Zenimal for their kids and have loved it just as much. Since sharing about the Zenimal, we have had so many families contact us with questions about it. The first is, “What exactly is the Zenimal?” This magical, screen-free meditation device is shaped like a little turtle that kids can hold in their hands (for teens and adults, it is shaped like a geode). It has nine guided meditations that kids can choose from, including topics like stillness, breath, sleep, inspiration, and empathy. 


Now that you know a little about the Zenimal, let’s dive into the 8 reasons why we love the Zenimal for kids with ADHD and anxiety.


1. The Zenimal Offers Meditations for Kids with ADHD and Anxiety – Without a Screen

In today’s digital age, far too many kids are on screens right up until bedtime. The problem is screens can cause a lot of big emotions in kids with ADHD AND inhibit their bodies ability to produce melatonin. This naturally-occurring hormone is released at night and makes our kids sleepy. The Zenimal provides a refreshing alternative. It offers meditation without the need for a screen, reducing the overstimulation that screens can bring. 


2. The Zenimal Helps Kids with ADHD and Anxiety Fall Asleep Faster

Sleep is a crucial aspect of your child’s well-being. Unfortunately, many children with ADHD experience difficulties falling asleep. Sometimes, our kids have bedtime worries that creep up right as the lights go out. The Zenimal can be a game-changer. The guided meditations help kids with ADHD and anxiety relax and learn to cope with worrying thoughts, making it easier for them to drift into a peaceful slumber.


3. Kids with ADHD Can Use the Zenimal On Their Own Without Needing a Parent to Help

One of the best features of the Zenimal is that it’s designed so our kids can use it without our help! This empowers them to take control of their emotions and bedtime routine, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-regulation.

Young girl meditating with Zenimal

4. For Kids with ADHD, the Zenimal Helps Them to Calm Their Bodies for Sleep

If your child with ADHD has energizer-bunny-type energy that makes it challenging to wind down…you are not alone! The Zenimal helps kids with ADHD calm their racing thoughts and restless bodies, creating a tranquil environment for sleep. The Zenimal can be a valuable tool in your child’s bedtime routine by providing a structured way to relax.


5. Your Child Can Use It Anywhere, On The Go – Home, School, Or In The Car

The Zenimal is incredibly versatile. The benefits reach beyond bedtime use. Your child can use it at home, bring it to school, or take it in the car to find moments of calm throughout the day. This portability allows your child to manage their emotions and focus, even in potentially stressful or overstimulating situations.


6. The Zenimal Teaches Kids with ADHD to Understand, Accept, and Regulate Their Emotions

Big emotions are a significant challenge for children with ADHD. The Zenimal provides guided meditations that help your child understand and accept those big feelings. The more your child practices using these tools when they are calm, the better they become at using them when big feelings come up throughout their day.

boy with zenimal

7. They Are Short And Can Be Done Daily and Built Into Your Routine 

Consistency is key when it comes to managing ADHD. The Zenimal’s short meditations are perfect for daily use and integrate easily into your child’s morning, evening, or school routine. By making meditation a regular part of their day, they’ll build the emotional and cognitive skills they need to thrive!


8. All Of The Meditations End With The Sweetest Message – That They Are a Good Kid

The Zenimal goes the extra mile by concluding each meditation with a heartfelt message – “You’re a good kid.” We recently had Anna, the founder of The Zenimal, on our podcast, and she shared why she put this message at the end of every meditation. It was the last thing her father said to her before he passed away and a message he continually shared with her throughout her life. She felt it was a message that all kids needed to hear, and we couldn’t agree more. We know kids with ADHD encounter frequent corrections throughout the day, so they absolutely need continual reminders that they are good kids.


We hope you enjoy the Zenimal as much as we have for our kids. Click here to grab this amazing meditation device to find more peace and rest at night (for you and your child!) and tools to manage those big emotions!


Have a beautiful week,

Lori, Katie, and Mallory

Lori, Katie and Mallory

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