2023 Holiday Gift Guide for ADHD Families

November 8, 2023

We are here to take the stress out of holiday shopping this year!

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Who is planning to start their holiday shopping early this year!? I always have the best intentions, but usually end up getting halfway done and then feeling like I’m way ahead of the game… only to realize how much shopping I really have left. This year, we are taking one thing off of your mind… shopping for your child, tween, or teen with ADHD. Check out this 2023 ADHD holiday gift guide with our favorite gifts that support ADHD brains and are SO much fun!

And bonus – we put together a list of some of our favorite gifts for parents… because we all could use a little pampering this holiday season.

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  1. Electronic DrumsKatie’s kids LOVE music but let’s be honest, regular drums are loud. Like, really, really loud… and most parents are already on sensory overload these days. This electronic drum set has been a game changer at Katie’s house because the kids can use headphones to keep all the extra noise at bay. They are also easy to take outside or into different rooms depending on what else is going on that day.
  2. Sensory Ball Fidget – Sometimes the very best products come from YOUR recommendations! One of Lori’s clients brought these balls in to use during testing – they are quiet and aren’t a huge distraction from tasks-at-hand. Products that allow some movement/self-regulation without serving as more of a distraction for ADHDers – they are a win-win!
  3. Minky weighted blanket – (use code 10TCC for 10% off!) Katie ordered one of these for her son a few months ago and it has made a big difference in his ability to calm before bed. The first night they used it, he slept over 11 hours! Lots of you have shared that weighted blankets help your kids calm their bodies and sleep better, too. This super soft minky blanket is on the smaller side, so it’s perfect for an elementary age child.
  4. CornholeFor those kids who are a little physical-sports-averse… this cornhole game is a great compromise of competition and outdoors (indoors would work, too!). Katie’s kids love this one… and Katie loves it, too, because it’s portable and collapsible so it’s easy to store when it’s not being used. Keep the boards closer together for kids who are just learning, and steadily move them apart to add challenge and keep the ADHD brain interested!
  5. Go-CartLori’s kids LOVE this go-cart! It may have been an impulse buy last Christmas… but it has been their most loved gift and it’s high quality. It’s a great way to get your kids outside and exploring. Lori’s kids love to spin really fast in circles; how do they not get dizzy? This is great for kids who are sensory-seekers (and… ahem… thrill-seekers). It is just so much fun!
  6. ScooterMal’s boys love their scooters. From quick walks/scooter rides to the mailbox, to longer rides to the park, these are portable and lightweight so they can come along with you on almost any adventure (and are easily carried if *someone* changes their mind and decides they’d rather run than scooter). ADHDers + outdoors + movement go well together!
  7. Bean Bag ChairBean bag chairs are the perfect blend of cozy and nostalgia. Katie BEGGED her parents to get her a bean bag chair as a kid, and it became her favorite spot to read books. Now, when her kids use their bean bag chairs, it’s like a trip down memory lane! This is great for kids who love a cozy spot to calm, read books, or practice some mindfulness. This one in particular feels like a soft, warm, cozy hug.
  8. Sensory BinAnother great screen-free product here… and, speaking from personal experience, sensory bins are a hit with many kids beyond the age you would probably expect. It’s almost like a zen garden for kids. This company makes tons of adorable designs so you can choose one based on your child’s interests. Mallory’s boys love this construction one!
  9. Animal Rescue Putty Fidget (use code 10TCC for 10% off!) If you’re parenting a child with ADHD, you’re probably familiar with their brain’s love of fidgeting. Some research shows that a little extra controlled movement actually *helps* kids with ADHD focus. This is a great fidget that looks and feels like a toy! The kids of The Childhood Collective, collectively, love this putty!
  10. Gravity Maze – Here’s a follower recommendation that Mal’s kids happened to already have on their wishlist (thanks, Amazon Toy Catalog… next year please send one catalog PER kid)! The follower said this game is her ADHD son’s favorite and keeps him engaged for quite some time! If you are looking for more board game ideas, we have a HUGE list of favorite board games for ADHD and you can find that here: Best Board Games for Kids with ADHD
  11. Yoto Player – ​​So many of you messaged saying that this little unsuspecting device is loved by everyone in the family. More options for screen-free entertainment for kids with ADHD is always welcomed. And it’s so versatile – use it for sleep sounds, timers, listening to books, and enjoying music. Make sure to grab some cards for your player that your kids will love!
  12. Gymnastics Bar (not pictured) – Katie’s and Lori’s kids have been obsessed with this bar for years. Without it, they would never survive indoor play during the hot Arizona summers! When you’re stuck inside during the hot summers or cold winters, having an opportunity for movements for ADHDers is a MUST. Hanging upside down on the bar is great for your sensory-seeker!
  13. LEGO (not pictured) – Let’s not forget the tried-and-true favorite of SO many ADHDers. Yes, LEGO are great for building fine motor skills (woot!), but they are equally loved for the executive functioning required to play and build… from following directions, to paying attention to detail, to staying calm when mistakes are made… it’s a big win when fun toys double as executive functioning practice.
  14. Doorway Swing (not pictured) – This swing is highly recommended by some of our favorite OT friends. Because you can put it up in the doorway, you don’t have to damage your walls/ceiling and your kids have a way to get their wiggles out (win-win!). This is great for the cold winter months and the long, hot summers we have in Arizona!


  1.  Airpod ProsYour angsty teenage years are at least in *your* past but we’re willing to bet some of the music you listened to way back then still makes an appearance these days and brings a hint of nostalgia. Music can be a lot of things for our tween and teen ADHDers… self-regulating, an escape, entertainment, passion… these Airpods are compact, comfortable, and discreet. They also reduce outside noise, which can be so helpful for kids with ADHD who are easily overstimulated by too much noise.
  2. Ping Pong Travel SetIt is easy to get hooked on ping pong – both kids and adults alike! Fast-paced games where “Best of 3” can quickly turn into “Best of 33”. This one is a win in our homes, especially for those hot summers (or frigid winters for those of you that don’t get Arizona winter) when you’re in need of some active entertainment indoors that is NOT a screen. Oh, and travel size = easy to store away.
  3.  Calm Strips –  These repeatedly make our “Best of” lists, and they are great for tweens and teens with ADHD because they are discreet. Put these strips on a binder, a water bottle, or under a desk/chair and they make the perfect fidget without being disruptive. With all of the patterns, colors, and sizes, you’re bound to find the perfect set for your ADHDer.
  4. Cross Body BagLet’s be honest – this one isn’t just for tweens and teens! We all have and love this bag. It’s a great place to store essentials, without being bulky… and it comes in TONS of colors so you can pick one that your teen will love. If you snag one of these for your ADHDer, be sure to give the bag a “home” (hanging on a hook in the entryway, on their dresser, etc.) so that it’s easy to locate when needed (because we know how you feel about lost possessions).
  5.  Leather Chair  – Many ADHD tweens and teens are getting less sleep than they truly need… one reason is because, as tweens/teens retreat to their rooms more, they are spending more time in their beds for things other than sleep (homework, playing games on their tablets, Facetime with friends). One way to help your teen get more sleep is to keep their bed for *sleeping only*. So, if you’re tween/teen is going to retreat to their room anyway, let’s give them the perfect little spot for lounging, reading, and relaxing that is *not* their bed. As a bonus, this material is great for tweens and teens because it’s durable and trendy.
  6. Fidget PenKnowing that a bit of extra fidgeting can actually help our ADHD tweens and teens focus, these fidget pens can be very useful for giving them a little extra movement while they are paying attention. They can be formed into different shapes and come in a fun metallic color.
  7. Raising Independent ADHD Teens – (use code: TCC15 for 15% off!) Your teen probably isn’t asking for this, but tweens/teens don’t always know what’s good for them yet as their brains still develop into their mid twenties 😉 We LOVE this tween/teen parenting course from child psychologist, Dr. Carrie Jackson. It is developed from evidence-based parenting principles and it is a great way to learn tools to support your tween/teen at home while keeping a strong relationship with them.
  8.  MightyMusic can be so calming and therapeutic for tweens and teens. This music player offers hours of entertainment from Spotify and Amazon Music, all packed into a tiny, easy to use device – plus, there’s no screen time! It is the perfect gift for all music lovers.
  9. DroneDrones have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why! Whether your ADHD tween/teen is a nature lover, or resists going outside, a drone is a great way for them to spend time outdoors. This model is relatively inexpensive compared to other drones, which makes it a great place to start.
  10. Pickleball SetThis one has been tried and tested by Lori’s family after she bought this last holiday season. Pickleball is all the rage right now, isn’t it? This could be a great, active family activity… anything to get our ADHDers outdoors and moving their bodies!


  1. Air TagsLori’s husband bought this for her birthday this year. While she was slightly offended by it (haha), she needed it! If you are constantly losing your keys, your purse, or any other items, these air tags are essential (with our little friendly reminder to you that losing items is *not* a moral failing on your part). Now with her air tags on her keychain, Lori can easily find them without being late for work!
  2. Skincare Gift SetKatie and Lori love this line of products and have been using it for years. The products have transformed their skin and this gift set is a total steal! Go on… you deserve a little pampering and bright, glowing skin!
  3. Hair DryerThis item certainly is pricey, but as busy moms with limited time, we feel like it is worth the investment. It cuts down on drying time without the damage so you have more time to wrangle the kids in the AM as you head out the door to school, or an earlier bedtime because drying won’t be cutting into your precious shut-eye.
  4. Lanege lip maskA luxurious treat at a more approachable price point – Mal has been using this lip mask for years, and it is one of her favorite things to gift her friends. Katie and Lori have this one on their Christmas list this year (which is giving Mal some ideas…). We know that winter time brings the dreaded chapped lips; this can help!
  5. Our ADHD CoursesWe have put together two amazing online courses to support parents on their ADHD parenting journey and help kids thrive at home and at school. Creating Calm provides easy, practical strategies to manage challenging behaviors and help you find more joy in parenting. Shining at School will help you navigate accessing supports for your child at school. We want you to be a confident advocate in school meetings and create a plan to help your child shine at school. Pro tip: If you purchase both courses, you save $20!
  6. Half-Zip HoodieLori and Mal have practically lived in this hoodie for over a year now. If you missed it, last year all 3 of us had our “colors” done (a process where you find out what colors look best on you). Naturally, we had to snag a new one in one of our “colors” this year. This hoodie is so cute and worth the investment with as much as we wear ours! We know you’re deserving of this treat!
  7. Flecks of Gold Journal(Get 10% off with code TCC)! – We’ve had this beautiful journal that our friend created for almost 3 years now. It only takes a few minutes to write down one thing that happened each day, and by the end of the year, you have hundreds of sweet memories. This journal lasts three years, and it’s a great way to reflect of those “golden” moments each day when life feels a bit overwhelming and chaotic. 
  8. Gold Hoop EarringsOk, now these are on our Christmas list! Who doesn’t love a beautiful, classic pair of gold hoop earrings at a great price? We love the quality of this brand (from prior experience) and this particular hoop comes in several different sizes depending on your style!
  9. Hungry rootIf you are anything like us, the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is deal with planning meals and making dinner. You know it is important to feed your kids nutritious meals, but you don’t have time time or energy. We tried Hungryroot grocery service this year and fell in love! It has been a game changer for weekly meal planning and snack options, and we love that we can customize groceries based on our kids and families’ dietary restrictions.  Try it out today and get 40% off your first order using our affiliate code CHILDHOODCOLLECTIVE40 (all caps!).
  10. Cross-Body BagThis is Lori’s top mom pick of the year! She uses this bag ALL THE TIME. It is cute, easy to carry essentials, and super lightweight. With so many color options, you can choose one in your “color” 😉 A new era of life begins when you transition from diaper bag to small crossbody, right?

Happy shopping, friends! Have a beautiful holiday season.

Lori, Katie, and Mallory

We put this list together just for fun. This post has affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission if you purchase using these links.


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