#155: Med Shortages, Melatonin and More: A Pediatrician’s Perspective on ADHD with Dr. Mona Amin

May 6, 2024

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We often talk about how supporting kids with ADHD takes a village. Building your child’s team of professionals is SO important. From educators to therapists and pediatricians, their experience and understanding are key to helping kids shine. Today, on the podcast, we have Dr. Mona Amin. She is a board-certified pediatrician, parenting coach, and mother. In this episode, she shares her perspective on current med shortages, using melatonin, and collaboration between providers.


Pediatrician, Dr. MonaMEET DR. MONA

Dr. Mona Amin is a board-certified general pediatrician, lactation educator, parenting coach, and mother. She has been featured on Parents.com, Good Morning America, ABC Nightly News, Romper, CondeNast Traveler, VeryWell Family, and NBC News. Dr. Mona works in private practice, and her passions include early childhood development, focusing on the impact of healthy sleep, a healthy relationship with food, and healthy coping skills in the first seven years of a child’s life. She has parenting and how-to-courses to guide parents from birth to 4 years, including social media channels on Instagram and TikTok, a Top 50 Parenting Podcast, and a YouTube Channel. Through her brand, PedsDocTalk, her goal is to provide relatable and easy-to-digest education for the modern parent regarding the health, safety, and wellness of their child so they can have a more confident and calm parenting journey. Her platform aims to guide parents in a mindful way to be the best version of themselves for their children.



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Can you imagine having tools to help your child listen, manage frequent meltdowns, and connect with your child?